Electricity bills in Kosovo likely to increase up to 30 percent next year

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Kosovars pay the least for electricity bills in the region but this reality might change soon due the energy crisis in Europe that affected Kosovo too.

Buletini Ekonomik

The electricity bills for April 2022 for Kosovo citizens can increase up to 30 percent or more, warned officials from Kosovo Electricity Distribution Company, KEDS. On April 1, the Energy Regulator Office, ERO scheduled a meeting in which tariffs of energy will be reviewed and it is highly expected that the energy price will increase.

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According to KEDS officials, the general energy crisis in Europe has affected Kosovo too. In the past weeks, Europe is facing a difficult energy crisis due to the increase of the gas prices which cause the increase of bills.

“The increase [of electricity bills] is necessary, more than 30 percent based on the current situation, said to Radio Free Europe, Viktor Buzhala, KEDS spokesperson.

“However, what will happen during the winter season, what will be the price of the imported electricity, and what will be the consumption and the domestic production of energy will determine the price increase of the bills,” added Buzhala.

Currently, Kosovo citizens pay the lowest price for electricity bills. For a Kilowatt hour, the price stands at 6 cents.

According to the European Agency of Statistics, in Serbia the price for kilowatt hour is 8 cents, North Macedonia citizens also pay as well 8 cents for kilowatt, in Bosnia and Herzegovina the price is 9 cents, Albania 9.5 cent while Montenegro has the highest price for kilowatt hour, 10 cents.