105 Megawatt wind park project concluded

Located in North Kosovo, a 105 megawatt project has been finalized producing clean energy.

Mehmet Gjata

After gaining the license from the Energy Regulatory Office of Kosovo, ERO, on December 17,  the third wind project named Selaci 3 was finalized, marking the conclusion of the 105 megawatt wind park project at Shala of Bajgora in north Kosovo.

Bajgora wind project consists of 27 turbines and each of the three projects Selac 1, Selac 2 and Selac 3 produce each 34,47 megawatt or jointly 105 megawatt.

In October this year the first two projects were licensed by the Energy Regulatory Office while the third one received the license last week. 

Reklama e sponzorizuar

The project started in 2016 and was implemented by German company Notus Energy.

Besides Shala e Bajgores, numerous locations such as Cycavivca, Zatriqi, Budakova were identified as relatively convenient for investments in wind energy projects that could result in environmental and social impacts in Kosovo. 

The Kitka project is another successful example of a wind energy project in Kosovo. Nine turbines were activated with a capacity of producing 32 Megawatt. The wind farm is located in the easter municipality of Kamenica.