Are power bills going up in Kosovo?

A review of electricity tariffs approved by the Energy Regulatory Office in Kosovo signals that electricity bills for ordinary citizens will increase soon.

Mirjeta Shabani

The Energy Regulatory Office, ERO has approved the request of KEDS, Kosovo electric distribution company to review the electricity tariffs.

Reklama e sponzorizuar

In a press release, the Energy Regulatory Office has justified that the review of the electricity tariffs is due to the increased price of imported energy which skyrocketed as the global energy crisis continues.

According to ERO, in recent months, along with the increase of prices in the energy market, the consumption of electricity also drastically increased in Kosovo, which in consequence raised the need to import more energy in order to supply the customers. On the other hand, local production of energy is not sufficient to supply the needs of customers.

This means that electricity bills for ordinary Kosovars are likely to increase. However ERO pledged for transparency in the process of tariff review.

“ERO will ensure that the extraordinary review of tariffs will be a subject of consultation with consumers, licensed companies, the government and other interest groups, in order to offer inclusiveness, transparency and protection of consumer rights,” the press release reads.

In October, during a meeting ERO’s Board pledged that the electricity prices will stay the same despite the energy crisis.

The potential increase of electricity bills and energy crisis was a topic discussed at Kosovo Assembly on Monday, with the opposition accusing the government for not shedding light on the energy crisis.

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti stated that the consumption of energy is higher during the winter season while currently Kosovo citizens pay less for power bills in comparison to the citizens of neighbouring countries.

He further stated that the energy crisis has affected the whole region and that states are intervening in production, consumption and energy markets in order to overcome the energy crisis.

“In our last government meeting, we have addressed the energy crisis which is knocking on our doors, despite being the last that are affected,” Kurti said, signalling that the energy prices might soon change.