Kosovo aspires to increase up to 30 % the consumption of renewable energy by 2031

The Kosovo Government announced that renewable energy will increase to 30% percent by 2031 while also announcing that a National Strategy on Energy is in the drafting process.

Buletini Ekonomik

On Thursday, the Kosovo Government announced that it is working to draft the National Strategy for Energy 2022-2031. During a meeting between Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti and Minister of Economy Artane Rizvanolli, it was also announced that a working group to draft the strategy has been established.

Reklama e sponzorizuar

Rizvanolli highlighted the importance of stable energy supply as one of the key pillars of sustainable economic development in Kosovo.

Speaking on the building of new capacities of energy, Rizvanolli highlighted that there will be an increase of consumption of renewable energy from 5 % up to 30 % by 2031 and that the Government is committed to reach an objective of 50 percent consumption of renewable energy by 2050.

“For our citizens and the planet, we should contribute to fight air pollution and climate change,” she said before adding. “In this respect, our strategy will be very ambitious in setting targets for renewable energy and the increase of efficiency of energy in industry and housing,” Rizvanolli stated.

“Our participation with renewable energy in the consumption of energy today sits only at 5 percent, while with our plans that we are developing, there are indications that this number will increase to 25-30 percent by 2031. Thus, approximately a 400 percent increase, aspiring to reach 50 percent of consumption of renewable energy by 2050,” she ended.