Foreign direct investments in Kosovo: Which countries invested the most?

Foreign direct investments in Kosovo have seen an increase in 2020 in comparison to 2019, while construction industry, mining industry, insurance  and real-estate sectors are among the top fields of direct foreign investments by mostly European countries.

Mirjeta Shabani

In 2020, Germany topped the list of direct investors in Kosovo with 67.5 million euros, followed by Switzerland with 62.4 millions euros. Albania was the third largest with 39.4 million euros, followed by the US with 30.4 million euros and Austria is among the top five foreign direct investors in Kosovo during 2020 with 27.6 million euros.

Reklama e sponzorizuar

Foreign direct investments affect the economic integration and the increase of opportunities for people while creating sustainable and long term development.

Kosovo’s Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade has published a report which compares 2020 direct foreign investments with previous years.

According to the report, Foreign Direct Investment in Kosovo during 2020, in comparison with 2019 has marked a significant increase in the “Financial Activities and Insurances”, from 13.9 million euros in 2019 to 84 million euros in 2020.

The report also revealed that the construction industry from 17.1 million euros in 2019 has seen an increase of 10 million euros, while the mining industry from 6.9 has increased to 28.8 millions euros, marking the most positive trend of growth for the mining industry since 2015.

From the investive value, the real-estate sector is ranked in the top of the list with 201.1 million euros while if we compare with 2019, there is yet a decline to 22.7 million euros. It has to be noted that Kosovo’s diaspora invests in the real-estate sector in Kosovo and Germany and Switzerland comprise more than 500,000 of Kosovo’s diaspora which is nearly 800,000 worldwide.