An important event for IT community is happening in ITP Prizren

The global community of Debian developers are meeting for the first time in Kosovo.

The Innovation and Training Park in Prizren is the host of the international conference #DebConf22, which is organised by the Debian Project whilst FLOSSK is the local organiser this year.

#DebConf22 started on 10 July 2022 and these are the last days where the IT community of Kosovo is engaging and collaborating with global IT community related to Debian development.

Reklama e sponzorizuar

Technology enthusiasts from all over the world participate in this annual platform, namely the developers of the Debian operating system discuss and share ideas for the future and further development of the system.

This important event for the digital era started in 2000 in France, this year it is being held in Kosovo and next year it is planned to be organised in India.