What is Kosovo’s financial literacy rate?

A World Bank research group survey reveals findings on the financial literacy of Kosovo and neighbouring countries adults.

Agon Sinanaj

Financial literacy is the ability of ordinary citizens to understand the basic concepts of finance, such as personal investments, loans and savings.

Reklama e sponzorizuar

According to a World Bank Research Group survey, Kosovo stands poor in financial literacy. 

The survey named Financial Literacy around the Word lists Kosovo down in the list of European countries when it comes to the knowledge of citizens in the basic concepts of finance.

Only 20 percent of Kosovar adults are financially literate.

According to the report, citizens of the neighbouring countries also are ranked low. 21 percent of citizens of North Macedonia are literate on basic financial concepts. Albanian citizens are listed below with 14 percent of adults literacy on financial matters.

Serbia and Montenegro stand better in the ranking. 38 percent of Serbia citizens understand the basic concepts of financial matters while Montenegro tops the list in Kosovo neighbors with 48 percent of citizens financially literate.