The company that introduced a four day work-week in Kosovo

A Canadian company in Kosovo has started applying the four work week policy in order to motivate its employees and increase efficiency.

Buletini Ekonomik

Introducing a four day work-week is an ongoing debate worldwide while New Zealand during 2021 enforced the four day-work week 2021.

In Kosovo a Canadian company has embraced the idea of four working days.

PECB, a global company that provides ISO training and certification, has started to apply the four day work-week.

Fitim Rama, the Executive Director of PECB Kosovo said that the reason behind introducing such policies is to motivate the employees.

“Taking into consideration that our employees are among the most valuable assets of the company, it is important for us to have happy and competent employees,” he told Buletini Ekonomik.

The four day work-week started during the coronavirus outbreak when the PECB staff worked four days a week in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Currently, the PECB staff is working remotely but Rsama insists that when the staff return to the office in March this year, they will continue implementing the four working days policy.

According to him, the use of various techniques that increase efficiency at work results in enhancing  productivity in order to accomplish the duties of five working days within a four day work-week.

“Such improvements allow us to finish more duties within a shorter time, to automate processes and the time to be used more rationally,” he said.

Rama also ensures that the salaries of the employees will not be affected by the policy.

He expects that such a policy will result in a happier environment and allow PECB employees to have more free time within the week.

“This policy certainly will make sure that employees will rest more, will be happier and more committed to their duties,” he said.

Rama is realistic and says that not all sectors of the economy in Kosovo can afford the four day work-week however he insists that such practice should be followed  particularly by service providing companies.

“We all have a responsibility as a community to offer more on preparing new talents through training, and special professional programmes and offering better conditions at work,” Rama ended.