More than 100,000 registered enterprises in Kosovo remain inactive

Out of 140,000 enterprises registered at the Business Registration Agency, only 40,000 remain active in Kosovo’s economy, exposing the unstable business environment.  

Blendrita Avdiu

According to Kosovo Agency of Statistics, KAS, in the newly published report named “Structural Business Survey 2020”, it is highlighted that the number of new enterprises in 2020 has reached to more than 39,000, an increase of more than 5,000 new enterprises compared to 2019. However, nearly 100,000 registered enterprises remain inactive in Kosovo’s economy.

Reklama e sponzorizuar

The sector that has constantly remained in the top list for the number of enterprises remains trade, which in 2020 had in total 16, 614 enterprises, which comprised 41.5 percent of overall enterprises in Kosovo.

The second largest is the services activities, which during 2020  will have more than 7,800 active businesses, which is 19.6 of overall registered enterprises during 2020.

In terms of employment for economic sectors which were part of the survey, the total number of employees surpassed 191,000 employees in all sectors.

Trade comprises about 70 867 employees, or expressed in percentage, 37.1 percent, processing industry (manufacturing) has nearly 34,000 employees, or 17.7 percent, construction has 21 705 employees, or 11.4 percent while  accommodation and food service activities has 15 711 employees, or 8.2 percent; other services activities.