Foreign Direct Investments centered around real estate in Kosovo

Foreign Direct Investments in Kosovo overwhelmingly were oriented in the real estate and construction industry in 2021 while the investments in manufacturing industries were minimal.

Mehmet Gjata 

According to an assessment of Kosovo’s Central Bank, CBK, between January and September 2021, Foreign Direct Investments, FDI,  in Kosovo reached up to 389 million euros which is a significant growth of FDI compared to the previous year. 

Reklama e sponzorizuar

Between January-September 2020, 254 millions of FDI were registered in Kosovo, the CBK reported. 

Between 2010-2020, 121.9 million of euros  foreign direct investments were recorded in the first six months, while in the first six months of 2021, 230.1 million euros were invested, seemingly a drastic increase or in percentage a 89 percent increase.

The Foreign Direct Investments centred around real estate and the construction industry. Between January and September this year, 265 million euros of  the overall 389 million euros of Foreign Direct Investments were invested in the real estate purchase.

According to official data by CBK, Foreign Direct Investments in the processing industry and other manufacturing industries were almost nonexistent. 

Investments in the construction industry and real estate are mostly coming from the Kosovo diaspora which nearly reaches a million of Kosovars living overseas, mostly in Germany, Switzerland and other European countries and the United States.

Remittances in Kosovo between January and October have seen a dramatic increase and reached 955 million euros according to the Central Bank of Kosovo. It is an increase of 160 million euros compared to 2020. /Buletini Ekonomik/