Discovery of halloysite mineral raises hope for Artana miners

Discovery of millions of tons of Halloysite minerals in central Kosovo mines is seen as an opportunity to develop the heavy industry of the country that would lead towards economic development.

Mehmet Gjata

The Artana mine located in Novo Brdo is one of the largest mines in Kosovo, part of the Industrial complex of mines in Kishnice, Hajvali and Novo Brdo, just a few kilometers from the capital Prishtina. The Artana mine is estimated to have 7 million tons of lead and zinc and is the richest in the Kishnica industria site.

Reklama e sponzorizuar

However, despite natural richness, the 126 employees at the Artana mine are living in precarity due to the financial difficulties. Nevertheless, the discovery of a halloysite mineral has sparked some hope for the future of employees and management of the mine.

 Halloysite is a costly and rare mineral used in the industry of the production of cosmetics and beyond. It is believed that between 2.5 to 3 millions tons of reserves of halloysites lay in the Kishnica mine. German and other companies from overseas have expressed interest in aiming to invest in the exploitation of the halloysite mineral in the mines in Central Kosovo.

A detailed study financed by GIZ on the Artana mine’s reserves and quality of the halloysite mineral is underway, taking place in Germany. /Buletini Ekonomik/